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​​​​Class Reunion Specialists

  The professionals at Total Music DJ Systems are the 'class reunion specialists' in the Rochester and southern Minnesota area. No matter the year of the reunion, we will research the 3 year period of that time. For example, if you graduated in 1977 and your 40 year reunion is coming up, we would have the popular songs from 1976, 1977 and 1978 to highlight the reunion. When you became a senior, you started school in September of 1976, but graduated in 1977. 

  Music played an important role in your life then and we aim to bring back the fun, great memories of that time. 

  When Total Music DJ plays a class reunion, we love to ask trivia questions regarding the time you were a senior by looking through your yearbook. 'Who was the homecoming king and queen?', 'What teacher taught Spanish?' 'How many graduated in your class?', etc.

  Our goal is to make your class reunion fun and memorable for all who are there! To book Total Music DJ Systems for your next class reunion, please call us at 507-259-3191 and we will be happy to lock your class reunion date in on our booking calendar. We promise you'll have a great time. -Alan